"If you cannot teach me to fly, teach me to sing"

(Listening and speaking workshop)

    Let's explore the power of music and use it in our ESL classes. I have created this portfolio to provide my resources, lessons and ideas on teaching English with music. There are printable materials for classroom and/or personal use. Please, remember they have been made by myself not for commercial use, only for personal/academic reasons.

     These lessons are designed for beginer and intermediate levels, but they could easily be adapted for others. Each song worksheet has the same kind of lesson plan:

  1. Pre-listening: a vocabulary activity.
  2. While listening: a fill-in exercise.
  3. Post- listening: discussion questions. 

    Here you have my worksheets for this workshop. Click on the image to download. Take a look at the extra suggestions attached to each one:

 "Count on me" by Bruno Mars

Extra: Divide the students into groups of 3 and monitor as they engage in explaining their point of view about the song.

VIDEO (by Kanditran167)

"Ten little indians" 

VIDEO (by Muffin Song)